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Everplans is a life and legacy planning tool that allows financial professionals to collaborate with their clients to create a complete, organized, and shareable plan for their family in case something happens to them. Clients are guided through a simple step- by -step process to organize their legal, financial, healthcare and other information and to share those vital documents and personal requests with their loved ones.

Advisors who offer Everplans have a powerful means of gaining a deeper understanding of their clients as well as a simple means of reaching across the generational divide to the next generation of heirs. The more clients share their Everplan with family, the more the advisor becomes involved with their next generation of clients.


Network Amplifier

Network Amplifier is a new feature for Everplans Professionals that enables them to grow their business and effortlessly reach the next generation of clients. It allows for a seamless connection from clients’ heirs to advisors in a warm and uniquely contextual way that facilitates multigenerational planning.

Advisors can provide an Everplan to their clients and help them add all of the important information their families will need in an emergency. Upon creating an Everplan, clients add important people in their lives as “Deputies,” people who will need to access this information. Deputies include spouses, children, siblings, and profe ssional advisors.

With the new Network Amplifier from Everplans, these Deputies will be able to interact with the advisor through the Everplans platform. Deputies can request an Everplan of their own or directly reach out to the advisor with questions. In doing so, the advisor receives warm introductions to their clients’ closest family and friends.

Everplans Network Amplifier offers a unique opportunity for financial advisors to grow their business and cement their existing relationships by providing them with an opportunity to directly interact with their clients ’ friends and family via the Everplans platform.

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