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ECHELON Partners is a Los Angeles-based investment bank and consulting firm focused exclusively on the wealth and investment management industries. Over the past 20 years, the firm ’ s principals have completed more M&A advisory assignments, valuations, and strategic consulting engagements for its two target industries than any other investment bank. In that time, hundreds of executive teams and boards have chosen ECHELON Partners to help them envision, initiate, and execute a diversity of complex business strategies and transactions.


RIA M&A Deal Report

In January of 2017, ECHELON Partners released its inaugural RIA M&A Deal Report, a proprietary 50-page report designed to capture and analyze the key transactions and deal trends in four key market segments: RIAs, Investment Managers, Breakaways, and wealthTECH firms. ECHELON’s RIA M&A Deal Report provides executives with a tool to guide them through the prevailing M&A environment by organizing research and analysis related to companies in these industries.

Without this resource, advisors engaged in M&A activities often found themselves in unfamiliar territory, competing with players/companies who were regularly consummating M&A transactions. This resource is crucial to leveling the playing field by providing useful data, information, and analysis on M&A transactions that are taking place. Additionally, it goes far beyond other reports by providing the most comprehensive coverage and analysis on deals and the factors driving them.

With the ECHELON RIA M&A Deal Report, Advisors and businesses have a resource that affords practical and actionable M&A information. With this knowledge, Advisors can better understand a transaction and more accurately evaluate any M&A endeavors that they are engaged in.


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