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eMoney Advisor is a wealth-planning system for financial advisors and firms offering superior transparency, accessibility, security, and organization f or everything that affects their clients’ financial lives. Technology envisioned and created by advisors for advisors, eMoney’s award- winning software and resources are tailored to transform the advisor’s ability to implement comprehensive financial plans and prepare their clients for a secure financial future.


Turn Data into Decisions with Advanced Analytics

Data-driven decision making is smart for business and that ’ s why eMoney offers Advanced Analytics – which accommodates firms of any size. Advanced Analytics offer insights into adviso rs ’ business that aren ’ t just helpful, but rather – crucial. With a rapidly changing industry landscape, Advanced Analytics can help prioritize client accounts, aid in accurate, more timely decision- making, redefine ways of identifying business opportunities and offer a more tail ored client experience. Featuring a customizable Analytics dashboard , expansive library of interactive data charts, and more, the Advanced Analytics solution will put client data to work to uncover greater success.

Integrated Compliance Solution for the Entire Office

Dedicated to supporting the unique needs of firms seeking scalable and affordable technology solutions, Advisor Assurance – eMoney’s compliance tool – provides in-depth details on the activities of a firm’s advisors and clients, a necessary function regardless of what transpires with the DOL Fiduciary Rule. It streamlines compliance processes, alleviates countless hours of work spent in oversight – thus positioning eMoney as the industry’s only fiduciary focused planning platform. Features of Advisor Assurance include an easily accessible, online archive of data –comprised of detailed logs of key advisor-client interactions, account adjustments, deleted records, and more. Capturing such crucial detail brings a new level of transparency to firms and adds collaboration between managers and advisors. Advisor Assurance is powerful, yet easy-to use for solving complex surveillance problems and seamlessly incorporates compliance into the financial planning process.

Delivering Transformation Through Innovation

eMoney aims to deliver transformation through innovation. We’ve transformed the financial planning experience to incorporate automated onboarding, dynamic financial planning, compliance, analytics and more – providing a fully integrated approach throughout the advisor-client lifecycle paired with an unparalleled client experience.

Whether a client is looking for technology solutions to help enhance their business processes or a technology platform to overhaul and modernize their methods, we act as a true partner providing scalable, tailored products and services. Our unbundled, modular approach can accommodate the needs of firms of all sizes recognizing that each client requires varying levels of functionality.

Our continued focus through 2017 and beyond is to remain agile to meet the changing needs of financial professionals, provide scalable solutions, and be a reliable partner for firms seeking outsourced innovation. To accomplish that, we’ve begun to roll out initiatives, including:

Digital Advice: In collaboration with Fidelity, we’ll release the industry’s first fully integrated, planning-centric digital advice platform delivered through financial advisors.

Advisor Branded Marketing: Creates a consistent marketing effort across an entire advisor force with custom-branded, automated marketing campaigns that generate and nurture client networks.

API Integration: An API strategy to enable greater freedom and flexibility for firms to customize their own technology solution.Lead Capture: A simple way to reach, capture, and qualify leads through the eMoney dashboard.

As evident in our recent product launches and dynamic roadmap, we remain dedicated to driving innovative change in FinTech, enabling every financial advisor and firm, regardless of size, to rely on our technology as the means to achieving greater efficiency, scale and growth in their businesses and the key to stronger, more collaborative relationships with clients.

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