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Brighthouse Financial is a new company established by MetLife. Its mission is to help people achieve financial security. Built on a foundation of industry knowledge and experience, it specializes in offering essential annuity and life insurance products designed to help your clients protect what they’ve earned and ensure it lasts. Brighthouse Financial’s approach includes a journey toward providing simplicity, transparency, and value – because your clients’ future is too important to be hard.


FlexChoice income tool 2.0

Building on the success of the first FlexChoice tool, version 2.0 sought to stick with the theme of simplicity and educating the customer on an otherwise complicated topic.  Research shows that advisors want help positioning what an annuity is and does in a transparent way even with new disruptions in our industry.  We continue to make our focus to make annuities transparent and to empower advisors at the point of sale experience while adhering to new regulations such as the department of labor’s fiduciary rule.  As a result we have divided our tool into 2 pieces.  First, the category of annuities is introdued and helps determine which type of annuity may fit into a client’s portfolio by answering just 3 questions.  If a variable annuity with a living benefit may be an appropriate addition to a client’s portfolio, the user is then shown the path to the new FlexChoice income tool.  The tool focuses on education with progressive guidance at every step.  Users can select from 2 different variable annuity case studies and are walked through “retirement milestones” representing important moments and decisions in retirement.  At each step, the user is presented with the ability to view additional definitions and shown options that can be changed such as market conditions.  The result is an interactive experience which lets the user see how the product would perform in different market scenarios.  The tool breaks an otherwise long process down into smaller pieces, helping make the concept easier to understand.  It is an educational resource both for clients researching retirement planning on their own as well as a tool for financial advisors to use while educating clients. 

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