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BNY Mellon is the world’s sixth largest U.S. global asset manager and fourth largest manager of U.S. defined benefit assets. The firm was founded 230 years ago by Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. BNY Mellon Retirement remains committed to its revolutionary heritage, bringing new thinking and significant investment expertise to helping Americans achieve the targeted outcomes they desire.


Brave Conversations on Personal Retirement Communications Platform

BNY Mellon created a one-of-a-kind, themed, deep, content-rich communications platform to help advisors engage individual clients and prospects in the brave conversations required to ensure effective retirement planning that meet their targeted outcomes. Brave Conversations on Personal Retirement is a comprehensive program and set of resources that lead advisors and clients through the difficult thinking and choices necessary on four fundamentally identified financial behaviors according to BNY Mellon – earning, spending, investing and insuring – that are at the heart of personal retirement success. Using these four behaviors as the BNY Mellon Framework, Brave Conversations on Personal Retirement includes a FINRA-approved white paper on each, a theme book with 20 key concepts each analyzed for the relationship to these behaviors, retirement planning checklists and more to ensure the content, learnings and ultimately the investment behavior required for retirement success can be addressed in the most personalized and appropriate way for each investor through their advisor. Rather than promoting product, it takes an educational approach to strengtheningrelationships with financial advisors, which research shows leads to individual retirement success.

The success of the program is measured in two essential ways: by the number of leads passed on to sales and by web/email/social media metrics. Sales leads have been generated by in-person presentations of the program, by email campaigns and by other outreach resulting in requests for more information or contact by a BNY Mellon Representative. As of now, the program has resulted in more than 2,000 generated leads for the sales force and more than 4,000 advisor web views. We sent approximately 460,000 emails and achieved a 10.08% average open rate, multiple times the industry standard.

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