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BaseVenture is an award-winning FinTech company that is disrupting the asset management industry. Our Software- as -a-Service (SaaS) platform, “ ” , helps family offices, advisors, fund managers, and fund administrators simplify and automate the way assets are managed and administered. “ ” is the only SaaS solution created to specifically focus on providing investors with digital access to their investment information and solving the inefficiency of operations for wealth managers.

Although our “ ” platform has been in market for less than a year, we have already made strong inroads as a disruptive player within the industry. Since launching our platform at Finovate Spring 2016, we have added over 2,000 funds representing $20 bn in AUM, making “ ” one of the fastest growing solutions in the space.


BaseVenture should be recognized as the Best Document Management solution because we have radically simplified how asset managers store and distribute documents.

With “ ” , documents are no longer stuffed into folders, impossible to find and organize. Using our proprietary taxonomy, stakeholders can forget about worrying where a document is, and instead focus on the data contained within the document. By turning documents into data that is tied back to investors and industry-specific labels, users can quickly locate the exact document they are looking for through our powerful tagging & filtering function.

Uploading documents is as simple as dragging and dropping them into the vault – a feature that not only allows advisors to upload thousands of documents at a time, but also automatically tags these documents based on industry-specific tags, such as investing entity, document type, date, and more. When advisors want to share documents with their clients, they can distribute documents en masse in just a few clicks with our bulk actions functionality. To share documents internally, advisors can employ the permissioning system which allows advisors to ensure that individual employees can only access information that is relevant to them.

“ ” also features a notification system where stakeholders, be they investors or service providers, get notified automatically by email whenever a document is added to their vault. Notification emails, which can be tailored to the needs of each individual advisor or fund manager, direct stakeholders to the specific document or group of documents in their vault.

All of these capabilities are designed specifically for the wealth management industry and they provide an intuitive solution for document storage that the industry hasn’ t seen before.

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