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Apex Clearing is an independent, full-service clearing firm that is the custodian of choice for digital advisors. The company empowers innovation through its use of integrated, leading-edge technology and its proactive, proprietary risk management for its clients. Apex Clearing, a self- clearing broker-dealer, supports a diverse mix of financial services clients, including RIAs, digital advisors, fintech firms, broker-dealers and full-servi ce firms. Apex Clearing ’ s prime brokerage provides a highly-consultative approach to maximizing hedge funds ’ efficiency and profitability. Founded in 2012 and based in Dallas with offices in New York City, Chicago and Portland, Oregon, Apex Clearing Corporation is registered with the SEC, a member of FINRA and a participant in SIPC


Account Opening Process

Apex Clearing prides itself on innovative thinking and is focused on empowering the digital revolution in the financial services space. The company ’ s API ecosystem has been the launch pad for the first wave of digital wealth disruptors. It ’ s the reason why anyone is able to go onto apps like Betterment and set up a trading account in less than five minutes. In fact, in January alone, 250,000 accounts were opened using Apex Clearing ’ s technology and process, the majority of which were opened in under 10 seconds and without the use of any paper.

Since Apex Clearing rolled-out its account opening APIs, it has realized over 110% YoY account opening growth. The company sees that trend continuing through 2017.

There are approximately 30 fintech companies currently using Apex Clearing ’ s technology, including Betterment, Stash, Robinhood and WealthFront. The company ’ s technology is the reason why these apps are intuitive and user friendly and are quickly growing market share in the investment advisory business. In many ways, Apex Clearing is a tech firm first and a clearing custodian second. The company ’ s technology is flexible enough to adapt and scale to clients ’ needs and allow them to maintain complete control over their brand and experience. The company ’ s technology also helps enhance the client-advisor relationship by increasing overall efficiency on both sides. And as the next wave of fintech apps arrives, Apex Clearing is determined once again to be the foundation for the latest evolution in customer experience.

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