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Based in Zurich, and with offices in Geneva and Miami, Anaford Attorneys at Law and its sister company Anaford Tax & Accounting Services SA (“ATAS”) are uniquely qualified to assist clients from all over the world who face U.S. tax issues on both the legal and accounting sides. Anaford is a boutique law firm specialized in advising clients with connections to the U.S. Our clients are a mix of entrepreneurial families, individuals, single and multi-family offices, financial institutions, and fiduciary companies.


Tax and Accounting Services for Private Clients

We realized that many of our clients often needed tax return preparation services to ensure that any U.S. tax advice given by Anaford was appropriately reflected in their U.S. tax filings. To avoid being dependent on external providers, we created Anaford Tax & Accounting Services (ATAS) as a separate U.S. tax accounting firm. ATAS now provides tax return preparation and filing services for individuals, trusts and other entities with a connection to the U.S., and currently employs four fulltime staff.

This integration through two separate entities has greatly simplified the work of our clients (many of whom are advisors in their own right). As an example, we have helped advisors better understand the needs of their clients’ U.S. tax filings while simultaneously preparing tax forms and/or tax information documents enabling them to keep compliance levels at the highest standard. At the same time, we have been able to provide FATCA and CRS advice on all levels. Anaford and ATAS are now able to work seamlessly together for the benefit of their mutual clients.

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