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BNY Mellon’s Albridge, an affiliate of Pershing, LLC, is a leading provider of enterprise data management solutions that deliver a single view of an investor’s assets. Our proprietary technology consolidates and reconciles client account and transaction data from hundreds of data sources representing banking, brokerage, insurance, retirement, managed accounts and more. Albridge provides the foundation for financial organization s to leverage a single source of information to power a number of mission-critical technology applications. Albridge is relentless in our pursuit of data quality, setting new standards in transparency and benchmarking.


Performance Reporting

Albridge powers the performance and wealth reporting sol utions used by over 80,000 advisors at over 140 financial organizations supporting more than 40 million client accounts. These solutions allow advisors to better illustrate a client’s full financial picture and gu ide better decision making, by offering an accurate, single view of all client assets. Albridge continues to make investments in improving the technology, particularly as relates to the advisor experience. New features include an advisor-friendly dashboard with quick-click access to key information and the ability to share reports and charts seamlessly and effortlessly with investors. Albridge has also focused on creating performance reporting solutions for the RIA space, allowing advisors who are moving towards the independent advisory channel to continue to have access to their data even after leaving their broker-dealer — key to providing a historical view of performance. Taking full advantage of the Albridge performance reporting solution allows advisors to fully collaborate with clients. Some of the newly redesigned and most-used reports include:

Portfolio Monitor: A snapshot of a client ’ s portfolio.

Portfolio Value and Benchmark Report: Tracks performance of a portfolio against an industry or composite index; can overlay up to two benchmark indices from a choice over 100 available indices.

Portfolio Performance: Provides a high-level overview of a portfolio ’ s performance for a selected period, year to date, one year, three year, five year and since start date.

Asset Class Performance: Pie chart of client ’ s current allocation.

Performance reporting is one of the most-requested services by investors, of their advisor; utilizing Albridge performance reporting solutions c an help an advisor effortlessly raise their level of service and become a trusted advisor for every client.

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