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Advizr is dedicated to creating software that will expand consumer and advisor access to high- quality financial planning services in an accessible format. Advizr is one of the most advanced financial planning solutions available on the market today. Advizr has automated advice delivery, empowering more advisors to participate in holistic advice and allowing more clients to receive financial plans regardless of their net worth. Its intuitive and sleek interface enables advisors to create and deliver comprehensive plans in minutes.


Advanced Planning Capabilities

From inception, Advizr has been characterized by its intuitive and sleek user interface and was quickly adopted by Gen X/Y focused financial advisors, reaching a 70% adoption rate among XYPN members. However, that was just the beginning of our journey and the first of our three-phase process. As such, since the beginning of 2016, Advizr began its build of tools to cater to the high and ultra high net worth and advanced financial planning markets while keeping its focus on the same intuitive UX and sleek UI.

Advizr prides itself on its cutting edge development philosophy. Our platform is being architected using an Agile methodology that sets the company apart from incumbents. Our ability to release new features and functionalities on a bi -weekly basis as opposed to the slow annual releases financial advisors are so accustomed to has placed us in the vanguard of the new fintech regime.

Additionally we have institutionalized a closed feedback loop that relies upon daily engagements and on-going relationships with our user base, and this has facilitated our accelerated development schedule.

Central to phase two of our journey, an array of sophisticated features and functionalities were added in the second half of 2016 and the beginning of 2017:

1. Document Vault

2. RSUs and Stock Options

3. LTC and Disability Insurance

4. Retirement Income Distributions

5. Advanced What If Scenario Modeling

6. Advanced Annuity and Insurance Capacity

We are proud to be part of the new generation of disruptive fintech companies, spearheading the wealthtech revolution.

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