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Winston Art Group is the leading, global, independent art appraisal and advisory firm. Our team of art market professionals is fluent in all aspects of fin e and decorative art, jewelry and collectibles. Each specialist draws from a minim um of 10 years in his or her field. Our services fall into four main categories; appraisals, art advisory, collection management, and financial services. Winston Art Group’s headquarters are in New York. We also have offices in Boston, Los Angeles , Palm Beach, Houston, Chicago, Denver, Geneva, and Tel Aviv, in addition to representation in Miami and London. Winston Art Group was founded in 2010. Last year, we conducted approximately 800 appraisals and 300 advisory transactions.


Family Office Innovation (within 18 months)

In order to be innovative as a family office consulting firm, Winston Art Group focuses on maintaining a balance between acting as a global full-service art advisory and appraisal company for all types of art and collectibles, and remaining a close- knit team which can be adaptable and flexible to meet individual client needs. Within the last 18 months, Winston Art Group was engaged to provide comprehensive collection management services to a family with more than 40 members spread around the country with various art collection needs.

Some family members are serious art collectors with robust collection management systems. For these members, we work with existing management systems and employees to maintain and enhance appraisal and advisory services and administration. Other family members have large collections with no management, for whom Wins ton Art Group is building and maintaining bespoke programs. Winston Art Group ’ s Collection Management team is adapting to each family member’s needs to provide the best possible collection management service, while also maintaining detailed communication and record-keeping with the single-family office.

Another way in which Winston Art Group has innovated family office providing is through continuing education in the area of art asset management for family office representatives and other advisors to high net worth clients. In 2016, Managing Director Elizabeth von Habsburg spoke in a series of panels in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco sponsored by Withers Bergman LLP on Women in Wealth. She also spoke on an educational panel at a family office event sponsored by EisnerAmper, and IvyFon symposia at Art Basel Miami, as well as in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities around the country.

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