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WDX was founded in 2012 and offers Client Management solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics that are designed to address the regulatory and digital challenges of today ’ s Wealth Management industry. WDX recognised the need for a vertically focused Client Management solution that not only acts as a Client Management solution but, equally as important to be in -line with industry regulations, a Conduct Risk Management solution. These two elements are essential within the ever increasing competitive financial market. Ultimately , the objective is to protect the client from mis-selling and the financial institution from regulatory misconduct. WDX is Microsoft ’ s preferred Wealth Management partner with triple digit growth and an award winning solution. WDX is headquartered in London and operates across the UK, Europe and North America.


WDX Digital Onboarding

The WDX digital onboarding process enables clients and intermediaries to self- serve KYC and onboarding, creates service requests and streamlines expensive and time consuming processes whilst enhancing the overall client experience.

A key element of digital onboarding is the creation of the tool via which client information will be captured, and through which multi-channel engagement can occur. The module ensures that the information is only captured once, and flows automatically from there into all the other pertinent tools and core systems.

The WDX digital onboarding solution helps to reduce overall costs and provides an agile solution within the changing marketplace; it also offers younger clients the same digital experience they have come to expect from other service industries.


WDX digital onboarding encompasses:

Onboarding Clients
Take prospective clients through an integrated client onboarding lifecycle, including sanctions checking, client profiling, KYC capture, risk profiling, suit ability assessment, formal presentations, account opening and asset transfer. Highlight the correct documents required for each client and product type and route work items seamlessly through to back office, compliance and operations for sign off – all from one platform.

Generating Documents
Go paperless and create, edit and manage the creation of onboarding documentation such as client profile forms, application forms, suitability and welcome letters, IPS forms, custodian templates and much more , complete with integrated digital signature capabilities.

Provide an enhanced experience for clients and/or intermediaries by giving them access key to customer information via the WDX self-service portal, and the ability to update their KYC and suitability information. WDX’s open API framework can be leveraged to help further underpin the digital strategy, from secure messaging to video conferencing.

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