401 (k) Retirement Plans (Technology)

Vestwell is a digital platform specializing in 401(k), 403(b), as well as other defined contribution and benefit retirement management services, combining the best parts of automated investing with a human touch. A turnkey solution for financial advisers, Vestwell provides them with the ability to offer clients a retirement plan without taking on the risk and costs typically associated with creating one. Vestwel l removes the friction points of confusion, cost and compliance that come with traditional retirement plans. Vestwell’s digital platform allows for seamless plan design, automated onboarding, and low-cost investment strategies, making it easier for employers to offer retirement plans. Vestwell becomes an extension o f the financial advisor ’ s services, acting in everyone’s best interest, while scaling through technology and allowing advisors to focus on clients.


Vestwell debuts industry’s first fully-customizable retirement technology platform (within 18 months)

Vestwell made its debut In September 2016, as a transparent, compliant, and fully automated 401(k) and defined contribution financial technology platform designed to provide financial advisors with retirement plans and tools to better serve employers and employees. Assuming full 3(38) and 3(16) fiduciary responsibility on behalf of advisors and firms, Vestwell takes on much of the risk by selecting the investment strategies on the platform and allowing advisors to focus on their relationship with their clients – including both plan sponsors and employees.

Providing peace of mind and less work for all parties, Vestwell’s white-label platform simplifies the sign-up process by automating onboarding and compiling companies’ annual 5500 tax report. With lower costs than the industry standard, Vestwell can save each employee up to $500,000 in fees over their career s. The platform offers auto-enroll, boosting employee participation to 88% ; the typical participation rate is 30-40% per firm. Focused on addressing the pain points advisors face when creating retirement plans for small and medium sized businesses, Vestwell’s retirement technology is revolutionary in its fiduciary and compliance capabilities, its low-cost variety of plan options, and overall simplification of the 401(k)-implementation process. Even more groundbreaking is that with Vestwell, each investor has his own personal CIO, allowing for retirement plans that are fully customizable to the personal investment needs of individual employees.

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