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Vestmark is a leading provider of wealth management solutions, headquartered outside of Boston, MA. Founded in 2001, Vestmark’s mission is to enable investors to better their financial well-being with innovative technology and services that enable financial institutions and advisors to deliver holistic advice in line with investor objectives. We service over 40 institutions, 25,000 advisors, over $600 billion in assets, and 2 million accounts.

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VestmarkONE® Robo Solution

The VestmarkONE® Robo Solution is a complete digital wealth platform built from the back-to the front-office enabling wealth management firms to leverage the most effective aspects of both human and automated advice delivery. This solution launched in October 2016 as a turnkey offering for Broker/Dealers, RIAs, Asset Managers, Banks, and Bank Trust departments.

The VestmarkONE® Robo Solution enables firms to:

  • Manage the platform alongside mutual fund advisory, ETF advisory, SMAs, UMAs, and Rep discretionary programs
  • Tailor how investors self-assess their investment needs and automatically generate a recommended portfolio using a full-breadth of advisory solutions
  • Facilitate advisor-investor interaction in real-time through a user and compliance-friendly private interface
  • Leverage flexible integration options with custodians, trading partners, and other internal and external systems
  • Determine how much of the account lifecycle to automate as well as how and where to introduce the human advisor presence

Typically, robos are self-directed ETF wrap products where the investor picks from a handful of models. However, this simple approach of a basket of ETF securities might not always meet investors’ bespoke investment objectives. Vestmark’s solution enables advisors to move beyond advising on ETFs, enabling automated recommendations to include diverse investment offerings such as SMAs, UMAs, and mutual funds.

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