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United Capital is the largest Financial Life Management Company and a Register ed Investment Adviser (RIA) with 80 offices nationwide. The company offers a breakthrough approach that goes beyond conventional financial planning and investment management. Financial Life Management has been designed to help people clearly articulate the life they want, en sure they have the resources to live it and prepare for the unexpected surprises along the way. Ba sed on a decade of research and application, United Capital ’ s proprietary digital tools create dynamic, truly individualized plans and portfolios – to prioritize the choices people need to live better today an prepare for a better tomorrow.


Investment Viewfinder

Through using our firm ’ s digital tools (Money Mind®, Honest Conversations®, Guidebook) we have concretely demonstrated that collaboration and engagement dramatically improve client retention in the guidance relationship. The Investment Viewfinder brings this same level of engagement to the client relationship in investment management.

The Investment Viewfinder is part of our firm ’ s suite of financial technology available for clients and clients of firms that utilize the FinLife Partners platform for guidance-driven investing that evaluates trade-offs between risk appetite and investment strategies. While its integration with Morningstar automatically evaluates portfolios, this tool also compares and contrasts different investments and provides the client with more insight surrounding their investment preferences. This gives clients more control to make personal choices which better allows advisers to design a portfolio that successfully aligns their financial needs and objectives. The Viewfinder’s final output is a customized portfolio that is built with investment strategies tailored to the client ’ s unique priorities.




Empowers a broad scope of customization by including multiple strategies for different stages of a client’s life.

Creates a win/win for the adviser and client. Advisers sit on the same side of the table with their clients, using a collaborative process. Participation from the client drives an experience and a portfolio that is personalized.

Investing is not a one size fits all – customization is a competitive necessity.

Ability to discover and deliver the best customized portfolio for each client ’ s preferences and priorities.

Makes our investment platform easy to understand and use. Scope of Usage: The Investment Viewfinder was recently launched company wide, with approximately 25 of our advisers currently using the tool for a total of nearly 1,000 uses with clients.

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