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Custodians: Emerging – Less than $25B (Technology)

Trust Company of America (TCA) is the only independent custodian offering fully integrated real- time technology, consultative services and back office support built exclusively for RIAs. TCA offers a robust, mobile-ready technology platform that includes the most sophisticated modeling, trading, rebalancing, reporting and practice management capabilities in the market — all available on any device. With more than $15 billion in assets under custody, TCA partners with advisors to provide them the technology and support they need to better manage their practices and clients’ financial futures. Learn more at


Liberty Platform

Trust Company of Americans new Liberty platform provides advisors with better technology and a better user experience. Its more modern, more intuitive and easier to use than the industry’s traditional custodian technology. This includes:

Robust trading functionality that enables them to more easily manage accounts – and accomplish in minutes what may previously had taken hours.

More efficient trading –in minutes instead of hours – consolidating many individual trades into one larger trade and then automatically allocate those trades back to the individual accounts. Advisors can trade at the model/strategy level, not just at the account level.

Enabling multiple models in a single account so advisors don’t need to create a new account for every additional model, making it simpler to rebalance, track performance and generate reports.oFractional share technology. Enables advisors to provide the same level of diversification to all clients regardless of account size.better way to automate back office tasks.

The ability to customize proposals and workflows with highly configurable features.

The tools to streamline account service – all of the advisor’s systems consolidated into one integrated, easy- to-use platform.

New tax harvesting features that allow advisors to help clients manage capital gains taxes and enhance portfolio tax efficiency.

Better fee billing, with an entirely automated process, eliminating the need to reconcile between systems or download/upload data.

Greater mobility, enabling advisors to access accounts in client meetings and on the go

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