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TruValue Labs is the leading provider of AI -based ESG risk and opportunity data. TruValue Labs products offer objective ESG data and analytics at the speed of current events. The flagship product, Insight360, uses artificial intelligence to provide analysts and investment managers with continuously updated, relevant, material data and scores for 8,000+ public companies worldwide. Unstructured semantic data like news stories and analyst reports are rated by algorithms for accepted Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) factors . The platform is transparent: Users can easily view underlying data and events and choose custom filters.


Insight360: Timely, Objective AI-powered Dataset

There are major problems with current ESG ratings: analyst sco res published on a quarterly or yearly basis quickly become outdated. Analysts rely on company-provided data, which is subject to reporting bias.

TruValue Labs solves those problems by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to semantic data on the internet, including news stories and regulatory filings. Our flagship product, Insight360, offers current, comprehensive data on ESG performance for more than 8,500 publicly listed companies.

Multiple times a day, Insight360 scans and scores data fro m more than 75,000 sources around the English-language web. Our algorithms analyze natural language data from sources ranging from the New York Times to the Hindustan Times.

Data is categorized, ranked by sentiment, and incorporated into a company ’ s score. Each company is scored on the Insight360index — a 100 -point scale with positives rated above 50, and negatives below.

Our app has many uses:

Portfolio construction.

Use Insight360 to efficiently identify material ESG and sustainability trends that matter when constructing and managing portfolios.

Engagement tool for impact investors.

Investors can use Insight360 to effectively engage at the right time on the most important ESG issues.

ESG Monitoring.

Monitor changes as events emerge, or set up alerts to keep informed on major negative or positive movements.

Quantitative Analysis

We also offer an API for quantitative analysts to use our full dataset for modelling and portfolio construction.

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