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TradeWarrior Software, Inc. was founded by investment advisers with the vision of bringing exceptional software to the financial services industry. Frustrated by the lack of intuitive trading and rebalancing software available to advisers, its founders developed their own solution to the problem and launched TradeWarrior in 2010. TradeWarrior is the product of years of in -depth research into the logistics of portfolio trading and rebalancing, and was designed to meet the real- world needs that advisers and brokers face. TradeWarrior offers all investment professionals the opportunity to utilize powerful portfolio management tools at an affordable price.

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TradeWarrior Stays Ahead of the Curve with Added Rebalancing Features

Advisers can utilize TradeWarrior ’ s institutional-grade software to enhance their practices with tax-loss harvesting, household-based rebalancing and other sophisticated functionality that their clients expect — and do so at an affordable price. TradeWarrior continues to enhance its intuitive user interface to help advisers efficiently and accurately execute trades across multiple custodians, having recently launched an industry-first asset class modeling system allowing advisers t o rebalance at multiple asset classification levels (i.e. asset class, sub- asset class, sector, industry, etc.).

TradeWarrior also rolled out a new Web-based HTML 5 version of its platform which can be accessed on any device or OS, enabling its solution to be white-labeled for brokers and financial institutions.

TradeWarrior ’ s other recent updates designed to further customize its trading and rebalancing functionality include:

A new trade reconciliation tool allowing users to seamlessly reconcile exported trades against imported transactions — and generate compliance reports demonstrating reconciliations to comply with recordkeeping requirements.

A “ Rights and Roles ” permissioning capability that defines the roles and responsibilities in an organization ’ s trade approval process.

A new FIXtrade-routing engine that allows for the direct routing of electronic trades to custodians and brokers — eliminating the need to import and export flat-file trades.

An order status screen allowing users to review the status of trade executions in real-time in TradeWarrior, without having to log into custodial or broker platforms

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