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Riskalyze is the company that invented the Risk Number®, which powers the world ’ s first Risk Alignment Platform, empowers advisors to automate client accounts with Autopilot, and enables compliance teams to spot issues, develop real-time visibility and navigate changing fiduciary rules with Compliance Cloud. Advisors, broker-dealers, RIAs, asset managers, custodians and clearing firms use Riskalyze to empower the world to invest fearlessly. To learn more, visit www.riskalyze.com.


The Next-Generation Automated Account Platform

Introducing the world’s first Automated Account Platform. Riskalyze’s Autopilot has evolved from a standalone client engagement product to a fully-automated, multi-custodial automated account platform that allows any advisor to deliver both deep personalization and scalable automation for all of their client accounts using One-Click Fiduciary™ technology. While managed account platforms fit 26% of businesses in our industry, 74% of advisors want to control the portfolio, custody situation and actively manage each client’s personal situation.

It all starts with the Autopilot Partner Store, a marketplace that puts models, strategies and research from some of the industry’s best asset managers, strategists and research firms just a click away from every advisor.

Advisors can build model portfolios out of any blend of mutual funds, ETFs or stocks, assign models to client accounts and automatically generate trades across multiple custodians. When advisors change the models, Autopilot sifts through hundreds of accounts to make it simple to implement those changes across their book of business.

The powerful and automated account management tools at the heart of Autopilot form the nucleus of the industry’s first ‘self-driving car’ of advisory platforms. Riskalyze replaced the advisor’s yellow legal pad for making investment decisions, and now Autopilot replaces the manual work of implementing those decisions.

The problem with automation has been that there is no personalization. The problem with personalization has been that there was no scale. The world’s first Automated Account Platform disrupts the industry by finally delivering both.

Riskalyze Premier

Riskalyze has taken the Risk Number® to next level in 2017. Riskalyze Premier, a new service tier designed to supercharge client engagement and dramatically increase practice efficiency, is now available to advisors.

Riskalyze Premier includes all the same benefits of Riskalyze Pro, plus five new ways to approach clients with a workflow built around risk:

Client Dashboard: Give clients a Risk Number-centric view of their wealth in Riskalyze’s white- labeled, client-facing dashboard, or by integrating the Risk Number into your favorite client portal.

Retirement Plans: Finally, deliver the Risk Number to hundreds of plan participants with a click.

Account Opening: A digital, intuitive process makes custodial paperwork significantly easier.

Asset Sync: Instantly sync in outside assets from thousands of institutions with simple login credentials.

Data Sharing: Share clients and portfolios across advisors, and centralize control of a firm’s data. Riskalyze Premier is available now for all Solo and Team customers.

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