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Educating clients is an important part of being an advisor. Retirement Readiness Solutions has been providing innovative retirement readiness software to advisors since 1986. Our purpose is to create tools that help advisors confidently edu cate individuals and plan participants and help answer their question: Can I retire? Our flagship product, The Retirement Analysis Kit (TRAK), is financial planning software designed specifically for advisors. TRAK is efficient and effective for educating participant groups and one- on -one with clients. Whether you work in the 401(k), 403(b), 457 or federal retirement plan market, TRAK has powerful tools to engage clients and participants. TRAK shifts the focus of meetings to education, not sales, which fosters a dialog between advisor and client and builds trust and engagement.


TRAK-Online Retirement Plan Participant Batch Processing (within 18 months)

The Batch Processing features of The Retirement Analysis Kit allow retirement plan advisors to create personalized participant education materials. Rather then presenting general education and then sending participants to a web portal, the process is advisor-driven and personalized reports answer participants’ most important question: Can I retire?

Highly-configuarable reports show participants their current contributions levels and also proposed increases with an emphasis on how increases will affect their take-home pay which is what most participants really want to know. Reports can show a variety of contribution options as well as hypothetical projections of various scenarios.

These reports are easy for participants to understand which increases the participants confidence in and motivation to increase deferrals. If individual participants desire to meet one- on -one with an advisor to do a more robust retirement plan, the software allows the advisor to easily put this plan together with the participant.

Plan Benchmark Reports can also be provided to the plan sponsor, shining a light on participant outcomes and whether the plan is effectively engaging all employees.

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At Retirement Readiness Solutions, we are passionate about helping advisor provide meaningful retirement education that helps participants take positive steps toward a healthy retirement.

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