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Redtail Technology is the leader in Web-Based Client Relationship Management solutions for the financial adviser. Redtail is bringing next-generation technology to the financial adviser to help them better manage their client base so that they have MORE TIME, earn MORE MONEY and have MORE FUN!


Tailwag 2.0

Redtail introduced web-based CRM for advisors to the financial services community in 2003. Along with their industry-leading place as a CRM solution provider, Redtail also offers an Imaging solution for securely and compliantly managing and archiving documents and an Email Archiving and Retention solution for a convenient and compliant way to retain, retrieve and report on email correspondence.

Redtail developed the new version of their flagship CRM solution in order to further streamline business processes for the advisory community. While speed an d performance gains were a key driver of the updates for this web-based platform, the streamlining took a more tangible form in Tailwag’s interface with the addition of a Dashboard that focuses sharply on “ Things to do today ” and a revamped Contact Overview that prioritizes data most frequently accessed by advisors.

Recognizing the needs of larger offices, “ Roles ” were introduced as a new feature, offering users both another way of segmenting clients and a new method for confidently assigning workflow tasks even when uncertain of the individual to whom they should be assigned.

The UI for Notes, Activities and the Calendar were significantly updated to increase staff productivity, while Reports were revamped across the board to provide users with more options for working with report data.

Redtail is rightly recognized as an early and continuing advocate for providing both breadth a nd depth in terms of industry integration, and they’ve dramatically ramped up those efforts with Tailwag 2.0 as well, bringing in new integration partners at a quick clip.

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