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RIA Valuations, an ECHELON Group Company, was launched in 2017 to provide an accurate and user-friendly solution to the never ending challenges wealth advisors face with respect to valuation. Having conducted over 3,000 valuations, the company used its experience to develop a trademarked process called the Valuation Driver Scorecard TM, a host of educational calculators, and over 15 research reports making it the go – to resource to solve a host of succession-related challenges.


RIA Valuations

RIA Valuations, an ECHELON Group firm, was launched in 2017 to provide valuations for RIAs in a strategic context. RIA Valuations provides firms with a valuation service that goes beyond a reductive numerical value by understanding the nexus between valuation and the broader needs that RIAs face.

Solution Packages: RIA Valuations has formulated 11 Needs-Based Solution Packages. These solutions utilize the following products and services along with package specific add-ons to provide Advisors with a valuation adapted for their specific situation:


• Valuations conducted using three different valuation techniques.

50 -page Comprehensive Valuation Reports, Including 40 analytical graphs.

Proprietary Valuation Driver Scorecard, which analyzes firm ’ s success in the 10 most important valuation driver categories.

Exclusive Business Marketability Scorecard .

Post-Valuation Improvement Opportunities – a detailed list of how firms can improve their valuation.

Market Environment Heat Map for financing, and buyer and seller volume.

See the attachment for further details.


Online Calculators & Tools: RIA Valuations offers Advisors several free, online tools and calculators. The attachment accompanying this nomination provides an overview of these tools.

Valuation Research: Drawing on experience conducting thousands of valuations of RIAs, RIA Valuations has assembled an industry leading library of valuation research. See the attachment for further details.

Reach: With the free, online tools, RIA Valuations may reach tens of thousands of Financial Advisors as these tools provide critical answers to question s surrounding the succession/M&A planning processes.

RIA Valuations aims to educate Advisors to “ Discover Their Real Value ” and champion their succession and strategic endeavors.

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