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Private Wealth Systems is a global financial technology company that is revolutionizing the way sophisticated investors and their trusted advisors engage in the management of multi-asset, multi-manager, multi-jurisdictional wealth. Named a Top Technology Company to Watch by American Banker, Private Wealth Systems’ proprietary consolidated investment reporting platform captures, consolidates, cleanses, calculates, and presents actionable information across the most complex portfolios. With clients across the Americas and EMEA, Private Wealth Systems remains focused on removing the inefficiencies that continue to plague legacy portfolio accounting and reporting platforms to deliver better quality investment insight, faster, at a lower total cost.


New Platform

Private Wealth Systems is fulfilling the industry ’ s promise of a software platform that democratizes the data stored across disparate silo legacy sy stems in order to provide true transparency and actionable insight across a complex investor ’ s total wealth. We are committed to providing information that is tax-level accurate, comprehensive enough to support every financial instrument and investment vehicle, timely enough to be relevant and actionable, and personalized to reflect the unique sophisticated views of each individual.

Our experience has enabled us to develop a unique data architecture that no other system has been able to replicate and offer a platform that has capabilities far greater than any legacy platform or service provider including;

– Comprehensiveness: Our platform supports every asset type – from standard marketable securities to structured products, alternative assets including private eq uity, hedge funds, real estate, direct investments, as well as physical assets such as art and collectibles. We also support ownership complexity from partnerships and pooled invest ment vehicles to nested structures.

– Design: Being purposeful with the use of color, white space, and relevant iconography as a language to help drive understanding, we are able to depict the drivers of risk and return across complex global portfolios in a simplified yet sophisticated manner.

– MassPersonalization: Our platform is the only platform that enables a personalized security master on a mass scale. Is Apple socially responsible? Is Bridgewater ’ s All Weather Fund a US fixed income fund? The answer is unique to each individual, and impacts asset allocation, planning, and how an individual ’ s wealth is managed.

– Global extensibility: Our system natively supports all aspects of multi-currency and multi- jurisdictional wealth.

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