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PlanPlus is a FinTech domain expert in the development and delivery of personal financial planning and investment planning SaaS software. Delivering software a nd training solutions for the past 30 years, our solutions are used by large global financial in stitutions, independent professional advisors, educators and the general public. PlanPlus has becom e a world-recognized firm for its groundbreaking PlanPlus Planit software in over 25 coun tries and in multiple languages.

PlanPlus is the world ’ s first global planning solution with multi-currency, multi- lingual and multi- jurisdictional capabilities. A comprehensive but scalable solution with state- of -the-art web technology and integration capabilities. Perfect for an individual advisor in Peoria, Illinois or a large financial institution in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


miPlanPlus – A Global, Goal-Based Robo

Robos are primarily consumer facing software that provide lower cost investments to clients. The “ onboarding ” is designed to minimize questions to avoid “ dropouts ” with a thin or non-existent veneer of “ Know-Your-Client ” . How does the consumer benefit other than potential ly lower fees?

miPlanPlus is a “ goal-based robo ” where the consumer specifies a goal – retirement, education, grow wealth, buy a home – and the system intelligently:


Scales questions to fit the goal;

Links appropriate account wrappers for investments and future savings to fund the goal;

Integrates government benefits or other incomes;

Utilizes the world recognized FinaMetrica psychometric risk tolerance test;

Applies the PlanPlus Professional Judgment Matrix ® ;

Recommends advisor defined portfolio models using up to 65 years of asset class data;

Performs robust graduated tax calculations and gap analysis;

Illustrates the risk capacity impact for downside acceptability;

Shows the client their ability to achieve the goal, then allows the m to model alternate strategies;

Illustrates the historical downside of the recommended portfolio by back-testing against major market downturns;

Discloses fees and information about recommended products;

Tracks the behaviour of the client (contributions and withdrawals) against the plan over time;

Integrates to the account opening systems of the firm;

Allows collaboration with planning professionals access ing a professional planning tool with additional functionality.


miPlanPlus is built on a “ global planning engine ” and was introduced for US, Canada, UK, Australia, Israel and India in English, French and Hebrew. Currently being implemented by 3 firms – a global goal-based robo for the world ’ s investing public.

miPlanPlus – Replicating Professional Judgment for Client Profiling

Regulators worldwide are moving to higher standards of investor care. Mere “suitability” is no longer sufficient –recommendations will now also have to be in clients’ best interests. With this new fiduciary standard, advisors and firms are required to factor risk tolerance, time horizon, capacity for loss, experience, knowledge, financial need and more into their Know Your Client process, but both regulators and academics are largely silent about how to put all these pieces together.

miPlanPlus goes well beyond traditional risk profiling with a digital KYC process combining the best-in-class FinaMetrica risk tolerance test with PlanPlus’“Professional Judgement Matrix” that integrates analysis usually requiring the wisdom of a professional advisor. Simply put, measurement is supplemented with judgement.

Tolerance is not preference. Should a client with a high risk tolerance but more funds than “needed” be recommended a more conservative portfolio?

Two clients have the same tolerance but one’s goal is largely funded by a pension. Should their portfolios be the same?

Recommending a more conservative portfolio to a client with a low risk tolerance and a high financial need increases the likelihood of running out of money prematurely. Is this appropriate?

If a client has never invested in equities but has a very high risk tolerance, should their first portfolio be 100% equity?

miPlanPlus sets a new high bar for determining investor profiles by combining goal planning, taxes, pensions, knowledge, experience, composure, tolerance and more in order to provide consistency in how the inevitable financial trade-offs are considered.

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Technology Providers (Risk Tolerance / Client Profiling)

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