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PeachCap is dedicated to providing support to Wealth Management firms across the country so they can serve their clients with our innovative approach to financial planning that combines tax intelligence, emotional intelligence, and financial intelligence. Each client has access to a team of tax experts, Avatar Masters, and Research and Analytics professionals that work alongside financial advisors to support and enable their advisor to collaborate and create the most comprehensive financial plans possible. Additionally, clients and team members have access to our revolutionary approach to incorporating emotional intelligence into their financial plans through our Ménage Endowment Formula ™ Algorithm that incorporates our Avatar Discovery Formula ™ . We are proud to offer these services because white glove, one stop service isn ’ t just for the wealthy elite anymore.


The Avatar Discovery Formula™

This initiative is the result of years of intense research by the CEO and Chief Culture Officer of PeachCap when they realized that traditional approaches in the industry lacked consideration of the client’s emotional relationships with their family an d their money in relation to their financial decision making. They determined that everyone can be sorted into one of seven emotional profiles that we call ‘ Avatars. ’ Each Avatar has a Superpower, or a unique gift, and a Kryptonite, or their fatal flaw, that is closely related to their Superpower. At its core, the Avatar Discovery Formula™ broadly applies the ideas found in the traditional risk tolerance profile. If you know how risk averse a client is, advisors can appropriately customize plans. Similarly, by using our Avatars, advisors can determine their clients driving motivation and tailor plans to specific personalities. For example, if one client’s core purpose is to give back to the world, their financial plan would be different to a client whose core purpose is to have the resources to connect with others. We mandate that each and every team member know their Avatar and those of the people they work with at PeachCap. This means that each person knows themselves well enough to make sure that personality clashes between themselves and their clients or teammate’s Avatar don’t result in unnecessary financial struggles because of a lack of understanding. Incorporating emotional intelligence is bringing badly needed clarity to the financial world.

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