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Marstone is a financial technology company, with advanced, enterprise- level solutions for wealth management and financial planning. We allow all types of financial firms — including banks, credit unions, brokerages, insurance companies, record keepers, and asset managers — to white-label our digital advice platform. Our technology solutions let companies add scale and leverage to their existing businesses, while also creating a larger pipeline of future clients. Marstone was built by an ensemble of designers, technologists, and finance professionals to create a digital advice platform to address three major challenges: demystify finance for the retail investor; help financial advisors deepen their engagement with households; and help institutions retain and grow assets and talent.


Powered by Marstone integrates with Fiserv

Marstone partnered with Fiserv (NASDAQ: FISV) to create one of the most comprehensive institutional digital wealth platform available in the market.

Marstone was the first digital advice solution to be fully integrated with Pershing, a BNY Mellon Company, to offer the Powered by Marstone suite of digital advice solutions, including robo advice, to their clients. This full vertical integration allows institutional clients (banks, insurance companies, broker dealers, etc.) to offer digital account opening and money transfer (all online & paperlessly), external account aggregation, a customized risk tolerance questionnaire, portfolio proposal and portfolio management capabilities to their clients in one seamless experience.

Marstone is now taking that functionality and offering it across custodians by partnering and integrating with Fiserv. Powered by Marstone’s integrated platform has the ability to offer a truly unified experience across channels like banking, investing and lending. This parternship creates a platform that can be scaled and deployed at institutions across various custodians onto our digital advice platform.

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