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At Live Oak Bank, we specialize in financing for Investment Advisors. Our dedicated lending tea m guides clients through the lending process with knowledge an d experience, aiding in the success of the loan. Our interactions with clients extend beyond closing to ensure a lasting relationship focused on the success of the business. Loan purposes include: merger and acquisition, succession funding, partner buy-in/out, expansion and recruiting, operating capital, refinance, loan payoff, start-up/transition and commercial real estate. Learn more at


The Live Oak Knowledge Bank

In October 2016, Live Oak Bank, the leading lender to independent investment advisors, launched a new educational initiative called Knowledge Bank. We realized that advisors would benefit from information that could help them evaluate their goals, eligibility for financing and the choices available to them. Accessible at no cost from the Investment Advisory page of the Live Oak Bank website, the Knowledge Bank includes a 30-minute interactive video guide to advisor financing, as well as worksheets, white papers and articles that explain the various types of financing plus business concepts such as strategic planning. Engagement h as been immediate, with visitors averaging 4.32 minutes on the site. New materials are uploaded regularly.

The response from industry leaders to Live Oak Bank ’ s educational initiative has been positive. “ Live Oak Bank ’ s online investment advisor Knowledge Bank is a resource for those seeking insight and information on financing advisory firm transactions. The creation of this initiative will make a significant contribution by providing the information to foster the growth and maturation of this business, ” said Mark Tibergien, CEO, Pershing Advisor Solutions.

In addition, David Grau Sr, President of FP Transitions observed that “ Smart advisors need more information to fully consider the realm of possibilities and to ask the right questions – Live Oak Bank ’ s Knowledge Bank is a very important step in the right direction. The Knowledge Bank is an invaluable addition to Live Oak Bank ’ s services. Giving advisors information and tools that empower them to be strategic and thoughtful about their future — that ’ s good business for the whole industry.”

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