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Laserfiche is a leading global provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software empowering organizations to take control of information and business processes.

With intuitive on -premises and Cloud solutions for document management and pro cess automation, Laserfiche improves productivity, efficiency and strategic decision-making while enabling compliance for organizations in highly regulated industries such as financial services.

For more than three decades, the Long Beach, CA -based company has fostered an active user community that shares ideas and inspires solutions. To learn more about Laserfiche, visit


Laserfiche Forms Magic

Laserfiche Forms Magic for new account opening for RIAs and broker-dealer firms provides an intuitive front end, while conducting complex workflows thr ough a unified interface. The solution includes prebuilt templates that can be easily configured to a firm ’ s needs — whether that means adding a mobile element to the process, or changing how an organization captures information or who approves it. The result is accelerated deployment and adoption of paperless, automated account opening, integrating multiple applications — including CRM, forms filling, digital signatures and document management — for a seamless user experience and process transparency. In a recent deployment to a 2,000-advisor broker-dealer, it took an office manager seven minutes on average to complete the new process, versus eight days using the old operation. Laserfiche Forms usage now has over 1 million instances .

Laserfiche Forms Magic enables advisors to:

Accelerate new account opening and eliminate manual routing of pa per

More easily meet fiduciary requirements through automatically tracking advisor-client communications and providing guide rail for policy review and execution

Eliminate lost or misfiled information with increased governance and control over access rights

Increase accuracy by reducing manual data entry

Drive digital transformation in their organizations by gaining insight into processes, workloads and bottlenecks with embedded analytics and performance        dashboards

Forms Magic also archives all documents and actions take n on them in accordance with a retention schedule based on organizations ’ compliance requirements.

The process package is available in the Laserfiche Business Process Library, a collection of downloadable solutions for rapid automation in key business processes.

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