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Kestra Financial, Inc. (Kestra Financial) provides a leading independent advisor platform that empowers sophisticated independent financial professionals, including traditional and hybrid RIAs, to prosper, grow, and provide superior client service. With a culture rich in reinvention and advisor advocacy, Kestra Financial has developed integrated business management technology that, combined with its personalized consulting services, offers exceptional scale and efficiency. Headquartered in the “ Silicon Hills ” of Austin, Texas, Kestra Financial offers an experience as unique as the city in which it operates. The firm supports more than 1,700 independent financial advisors in delivering comprehensive securities and investment advisory services to their clients. Securities offered through Kestra Investment Services, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through Kestra Advisory Service s, LLC.


Business Assessment and Benchmarking Tools

Kestra Financial unveiled an industry-leading, scalable business-consulting platform for its advisors that includes the following deliverables:


1. Advisor-driven Business Assessments focused on Strategy, Financial Management, Growth & Marketing, People & Performance, and Operational Efficiency.

2. Consultant-led engagements focused on effective follow-through by providing advisors a Business Road Map on areas of the business diagnostic that they expressed either a need or an interest in pursuing.

3. Data-driven analysis leveraging industry and Kestra-developed benchmarks to ensure that the advisor, with the help of the business consultant, drives tangible business results.


Early results have surpassed our expectations, with more than 80 business assessments completed and 332 goals established as a follow-up. As advisors achieve their goals, we are tracking key metrics and comparing them to benchmark ratios. This allows advisors to continuously review their progress and pivot their approach so they run more efficient and profitable businesses. Through transparency and shared accountability, we have noticed a substantive increase in advisors following through and achieving their goals.

The program has provided Kestra Financial with increased insight into what matters most to its advisors. Armed with this knowledge, we are prioritizing our product and consulting road maps to align to the needs of advisors. The average advisor is scoring higher on overall strategy at 63 percent; whereas, Growth & Marketing is an area of concern, scoring at 39 percent. This information prompted us to create a deeper Marketing Assessment to help advisors set goals to bridge this gap. The data from our Roadmaps by Objective chart confirms this, with over 100 Growth & Marketing specific goals set so far in 2017.

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