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For over 150 years, J.P. Morgan Asset Management has been collaborating with clients to build stronger portfolios. Entrusted with $1.5 trillion in assets under management, we owe our continued success in large part to the 1000+ investment professionals who take a research driven approach in analyzing every detail to uncover opportunities and risks. This deeply-resourced, globally integrated team shares expertise and insights with financial professionals to empower better investment decisions.

Using the depth and breadth of our investment capabilities across all asset classes, we take a truly consultative approach to finding the right products for our clients. Our nearly 500 investment strategies and 40+ investment engines allow us to create an investment diversification to solve any client need. J.P. Morgan Asset Management: Let’s Solve It.


Stronger Profiles, Stronger Portfolios, LinkedIn Partnership

Amplify Your Influence:
J.P. Morgan and LinkedIn partner to help strengthen Advisors’ profiles… in real time! Every summer, LPL hosts 3,000+ financial advisors at a conference designed to inspire, educate and help grow their business. The event floor is packed with offerings from every major asset manager. The challenge? Breaking through the crowd and bringing real value to attendees. The solve? Grabbing attention with our “Stronger Profiles. Stronger Portfolios” program, co-created with LinkedIn.

A 3-pronged approach to engaging the LPL community:
• Pre-event email inviting attendees to register for a personalized profile achieved record open rate (23.9%). From this, 188 advisors requested an analysis for pick-up at the J.P. Morgan booth.
• During event, 300+ one-on-one consultations were conducted. Each advisor received tips and tools about how to increase their influence on LinkedIn, including the use of J.P. Morgan thought leadership.
• Post-event mailing resulted in an additional 58 consultations. This was truly a first. Never before had LinkedIn worked with a financial provider to deliver custom profile overviews to advisors at an event. This resulted in a significant increase in followers to the J.P. Morgan page, moving LPL up from #10 to #3 as the firm contributing new followers.

FA Magazine highlighted the innovative nature of the experience: “At the J.P. Morgan booth, advisors were made privy to newfangled ways online to augment their presence and even prospect. SMART. A lot more useful than the usual knickknacks of pens, water bottles and baseball caps littering most of the other booths on display.”

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