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InvestmentPOD for Advisors is the first digital wealth management platform to offer multi-strategy portfolios.

The three core tenets of a comprehensive wealth management portfolio are the POD: Passive, Opportunistic, Defensive.

You can mix and match to create unique portfolios for your clients that are diversified across both assets and strategies.

Latest academic studies have shown that combining Opportunistic & Defensive strategies to complement a Passive portfolio, over the long run, generate s equal or higher returns with lower drawdowns than Passive on a standalone basis.

InvestmentPOD gives you the opportunity to create portfolios that can maneuver through market cycles and stand the test of time. With InvestmentPOD, you combine digital automation and advanced investment strategies with your human expertise to create a new wealth management solution.


InvestmentPOD for Advisors

InvestmentPOD for Advisors, is the industry ’ s first digital advice platform to offer multi-strategies. We deliver a white-labeled automated investing platform for independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).

InvestmentPOD provides a revolutionary approach for advisors to offer their clients sophisticated investing strategies, customizable portfolios, and enhanced trading and rebalancing capabilities. Unlike traditional “ robo ” investing platforms that only provide passive options, InvestmentPOD ’ s sophisticated investing algorithms provide multi-strategy and asset diversification, all while lowering trading costs.

History has proven that passive, buy and hold investing strategies have resulted in significant losses at least once every 10 years over the last 100 years.

Academic research shows that by combining opportunistic and defensive strategies to complement a passive portfolio generates equal or higher returns with less risk. As a result, we see a tremendous opportunity to leverage today’s robo technology to enable advisors to build and automate portfolios that are diversified across both assets and strategies.

By combining best- in -breed trading and rebalancing, RIA firms can benefit f rom the power of automation to free up their advisors and back office staff from time-consuming, manual processes. Through streamlined client onboarding and integrations with leading custodians such as TD Ameritrade and Schwab, advisors can get their clients started quickly with customizable portfolios that can shift investments opportunistically into better performing assets, as well as to provide downside risk protection.

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