Technology Providers (Client Portals, Portfolio Reporting)

InvestEdge is a leading provider of innovative advisor solutions to wealth advisory firms. Our award-winning open architecture platform provides a full suite of tools that automates key front- office functions that include advisor dashboard, alerts, portfolio management, performance measurement, reporting, compliance monitoring, trade/rebalancing, data aggregation, client portal, and an investment product portal – thru MMxCHANGE a newly owned subsidiary of InvestEdge.


InvestEdge Client Portal

Client Portal – Superior Asset Mapping Logic

The InvestEdge Client Portal is engineered specifically for HNW, UHNW and Institutional
Investors, their advisors and advisory firms.

Client investments are presented using classifications consistent with the way the advisor has presented it, and aligning the information to the investment policy. This is superior to other portals that use a standard classification mapping which is confusing to the investor.

Clients gain access to all their investment portfolios, households and documents via a single site

Advisors use the portal to send secure messages and documents to clients, eliminating the need for encrypted emails. Likewise, the client may send confidential notes and documents to the advisor.

Firms can easily distribute market commentaries in real-time to all clients or to a targeted set of clients. Firms use the portal to distribute proprietary content that is not available to the public.

In the past 18 months:

Clients can now group their accounts into categories to meet their personal needs.

Clients can now use the portal to see equity and fixed income analytics, and historical holdings.

Clients can now use the portal to access any type of account documents.

Advisors now use the portal to provide real-time communication with clients.

Firms now include ad banners.


Clients use one site. Previously they would need to retrieve information from multiple sites and from hard copies of documents.

Firms provide over 500,000 documents to their clients, and within a single business day. The number of document types has grown to over 15
to include various tax documents, investment statements, custodial statements, investment policy statements, and legal documents.

InvestEdge Touch Point Reporting

The InvestEdge Touch Point Reporting solution is the premier investment reporting solution for the most complex clients–UHNW and Institutional.

The reports illustrate how the advisor is investing on behalf of the client, and incorporates comparisons to the client’s investment plan and appropriate benchmarks.

Detailed analytics are available including attribution to the asset allocation decision vs. the product selection and a money-weighted return report for private equity.

The reports enable advisors to communicate information for the most complex relationships that may include multiple grouping of custodial accounts into meaningful totals for the family to review.

Investment products that leverage manager models, either proprietary or external to the firm, appear as line items to allow for a clean, easy to digest report.

Enhancements in past 18 months:

Provided a better user experience in scheduling and managing high volumes of investment statements

The number of report choices has expanded to include projected income, comparison to peer accounts, fund profiles, risk v. return analytics, asset allocation v. ranges chart, and daily performance vs. market indexes.

In 2016, over 11 million reports were generated:

For example, a large firm with diverse client types generates 80,000 reports each quarter.

These reports can be generated, viewed and delivered digitally with a one-day turnaround.

The firm is confident that all clients received an investment statement via the automated scheduling process and management tools.

They are confident each client received exactly what they needed – the client-specific content with the appropriate frequency by using the InvestEdge Touch Point Reporting solution.

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