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Informa Financial Intelligence provides fund and wealth managers, traders, insurers, analysts, and investment and retail bankers with the intelligent advantage to make informed decisions, understand past trends, forecast future performance, drive profitability, and increase returns.

Our customers look to us to provide leading-edge financial information and critical decision-making products. Solutions we offer include, market data and insight, analysis, measurement, and reporting, market and competitive research, and performance benchmarking.


EPFR Fund Flows Database

EPFR helps clients understand market movement on a daily basis, so they can use their data to improve returns and manage risk. Providing research on global fund flows and allocation data to financial institutions around the world through its Web interface, EPFR shows what funds or municipalities money is leaving, where it’s going, and how heavily they are weighted in certain asset classes and investments. Clients see how market movements are impacted by events like government and policy changes, weather and natural disasters and EPFR’s ChartBook leverages the research team’s deep experience with flows data, offering clients fresh investable ideas each week.

Tracking both traditional and alternative funds domiciled globally with over $29 trillion in total assets, EPFR’s 24-hour production cycle uses a proprietary financial data collection process, ensuring quality with programmatic and human checkpoints. With premium daily service, EPFR can send clients 80% of the flows from the previous day by 9am Eastern Time. That means faster decisions, leading to increased assets under management.

The all new EPFR platform is a scalable research and analytics system utilizing flow and allocation data to drive investment signals, create data visualizations, and support analysis and insight. This new platform also gives EPFR the ability to continually enhance clients’ workflow with new data sets, analytics and insights ensuring its data is always what our clients need.

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