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HighTower is a national, industry-leading* wealth management firm offering a distinct model that blends objective wealth management advice with a robust technology and services platform. HighTower’s independent advisors’ dedication to transparency and comprehensive support sets the firm apart. Clients’ financial well-being and deeply-rooted trust is the foundation of the firm. The company is headquartered in Chicago and maintains corporate centers in New York and San Francisco, with branch offices across the country. *HighTower named #2 on the nationwide Top 100 Wealth Managers List. —Forbes, 2015


HighTower Clear: An Unobstructed Portal

HighTower Clear is a secure, unobstructed portal that enhances HighTower advisors’ ability to Application: 404 HighTower Clear: An Unobstructed Portal focus on their clients and serves as a natural extension of HighTower’s foundational mission: to offer clients an unobstructed view of their wealth.

HighTower Clear enhances the user experience and accessibility of the HighTower Platform, emphasizes our Brand with a resource that helps uphold values of transparency and client-centric service, and reinforces our organization’s service Culture.

Designed to support greater operational efficiency, Clear offers incumbent advisors and their teams an enhanced proprietary workstation (which includes CRM tools, performance reporting and custodians), greater transparency into HighTower corporate services and new client management capabilities via CRM data integration.


Benefits include:


  • Secure, cloud-accessible platform available from any device.
  • Global Directory that features a system-wide search function of both clients and corporate contacts.
  • Service management functionality to submit a request, view its status and interact with corporate service agents.
  • Client page to view relevant details and quickly take actions, such as adding notes, activities and attachments.
  • Single sign-on and easy access to frequently-used applications, including performance reporting and file sharing.
  • Task list for enhanced time management, efficiency and accountability.




HighTower Clear is available to all our advisors, field professionals and corporate staff. To help advisors fully optimize the capabilities, HighTower offers live training sessions, a digital training video and instructional launch collateral.


Qualitative support:


Within the first week and a half of launch, 55% of teams accessing HighTower Clear were submitting requests to corporate service teams. Within less than 6 weeks of launch, 94% of all advisory teams are accessing HighTower Clear, with week-over-week system usage steadily increasing to nearly 1,200 daily sessions.

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