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Grendel is a CRM-centric wealth management suite designed for the financi al professional. It combines CRM, performance, client portal, trading, su pervision, and much more into a robust and easy- to -use platform. Grendel ’ s primary mission is to “ make the advisors ’ lives easier ” , and this philosophy is part of every design in the platform. Leading RIAs and broker-dealers are harnessing Grendel ’ s automation engine to drive operational efficiencies, while enhancing the service they provide to their clients. Advisors make Grendel a key aspect of their daily business to increase profitability and expand into new markets wh ile scaling their businesses for growth. Visit to learn more.


Trading, Real-time Account Data, Account Debiting, and More in CRM

Grendel continues to redefine what a CRM should be for financial advisors. We completed a major initiative to enhance our offering to include full custodial integration at a level not yet seen and at a price point unheard of. The level of data and functionality within our enhancements can reduce or eliminate the need for an advisor and team to access the custodial platform at all.

Recent enhancements include the ability to view fully comprehensive real-time account informati on, actively trade on accounts, implement and manage advisor fe es directly from client accounts, manage client cash requests, access sundry account detail, get security quotes, and more. All of this is from within Grendel ’ s application structure and does not require users to leave Grendel to complete any of these workflows.

Grendel uses its existing structure to automatically “ household ” the custodial data experience. Grouping by household is a natural concept in Grendel but is something custodians struggle with. By fully “ Grendelizing ” the custodian data and functionality, we have solved a major pain point for advisors with zero effort required by the user.

The first custodial integration leverages TD Ameritrade Institutional ’ s Veo platform. While some specifics were built for TDAI functionality, the overall str ucture and functions were built from the ground up to be multi-custodial. We are already working with additional custodians on hooking their integrations into the same platform. Our TDAI specific functi ons were lauded by earlier this year who stated “ Grendel CRM Pushes The Integration Envelope. ”

The cost to users is another area setting Grendel apart. Our current pricing model includes these features within our current per-seat pricing. There is no additional charge.

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