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Freewheel Marketing is an outsourced digital-CMO for investment managers that developed a benchmarking methodology which compares managers based upon their use of technology in pursuit of growing assets under management.


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Changing demographics, passive management inflows, and robo-advice have made it harder than ever to differentiate your firm. Our study, Marketing Technology’s Role in Growing AUM, analyzes the current state of the investment management industry and identifies those prioritizing innovation.

Why is this study so profound?

This is the first study to measure the actual use of technology. Freewheel accomplished this by building a database of 250 investment managers that captured each firm’s tactics.

A scoring algorithm was then used to rank the universe of firms. This enabled us to analyze the impact of technology on AUM growth.

Our research suggests that technology is additive for investment managers across the size spectrum. The study spotlights firms, both large and small, making use of technology for a competitive advantage.

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