First Ascent Asset Management


First Ascent Asset Management provides outsourced portfolio management services to financial advisors and their clients. The firm was founded in 2015 by an experienced team of industry veterans with the goal of creating a firm that truly puts client interests first.

First Ascent builds and manages a range of low-cost portfolios for its clients and charges a flat $500 annual fee for its services.


Flat-fee pricing

First Ascent Asset Management has introduced the first-ever flat-fee pricing schedule for asset management services. Flat-fee pricing is an innovation that clearly benefits both advisors and their clients by offering a transparent and low-cost way for investors to access professional asset management services. All accounts pay $500 per year regardless of account size.

First Ascent also has introduced portfolios that focus on keeping internal expenses and trading costs very low, while combining both passive and active investment styles. Our innovative approach to portfolio construction and management, again, benefits both advisors and their clients by utilizing the best of the active and passive investment options, while keeping a close eye on portfolio expenses.

By combining low cost portfolios and a flat annual fee, First Ascent has created an excellent investment solution for long-term investors.

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