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Capturing the Power of Goal-based Investing with WealthStation CorePlan

Holistic, goal-based investing is now crucial to advisors ’ growth and success. They must deal with evolving regulations and customer demands while focusing their practices on helping customers more effectively meet their needs, lifestyle wants and legacy aspirations. Although goal-based planning tools have been available for years, they assume that all goals are subject to the same risk tolerance and model portfolio – rather than account for customers ’ changing goals and situations.

FIS ’ new WealthStation CorePlan product for goal-based investing takes financial planning to a whole new level by combining goal-based investing, goal prioritization and p robability-based analytics into one easy- to -use financial planning process. Whether single-issue or comprehensive planning, CorePlan uses multiple concepts and unique risk tolerances/capacities for each goal to assign the appropriate model portfolio.

CorePlan guides advisors to the model portfolio best suited to achieve each client goal, enabling specific accounts to be assigned to specific goals and/or share funding across multiple goal s – while still prioritizing which goal has first access to the account, with assigned accounts assuming the model portfolio assigned to that goal. CorePlan fully integrates asset allocation and financial planning capabilities into one streamlined platform. It also enhances the client experience by enabling clients to aggregate their assets online so advisors can quickly and efficiently create financial plans.

By refocusing their approaches to funding client goals, and reducing impulsive decision-making and overreactions, CorePlan gives advisors what they need to help customers save for goals in advance (and achieve them), which bolsters client engagements over the long term.

Available May 2017, several customers have already purchased the product. A large online retail broker and a regional retail brokerage firm are currently implementing.

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