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Envision Financial Systems has been a leading provider of real-time mutual fund recordkeeping technology and shareholder accounting systems for over 20 years, currently supporting over 490 mutual fund families, 13,609 CUSIPs and 13.4 million accounts with $2.6 trillion in client assets.

Envision’s solutions enable firms to consolidate and control client activity, increase representative and client satisfaction, and help mitigate operational and economic risks. Envision’s newest platform, FundKeeper, was designed for independent broker dealers, RIAs and other financial intermediaries who want a centralized, consolidated access point for their clients’ mutual funds, ETFs and managed accounts.

Envision’s headquarters are in Costa Mesa, California, with offices in Owings Mills, Maryland, Denver, Colorado and Bangalore, India.


FundKeeper – PAPort

In 2016, Envision Financial Systems together with U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, launched a new mutual fund platform for RIAs, independent broker dealers and other intermediaries. FundKeeper allows intermediaries to service clients who hold mutual funds, ETFs and managed accounts without having
to utilize a brokerage account or interact directly with a multitude of fund families.

A key feature of FundKeeper is a real-time, device-responsive user interface called PAPort. PAPort provides a configurable internet inquiry an transaction processing system providing intermediaries and their clients convenient access to account and trading information in one place, across multiple fund families without the need for a brokerage account and the associated fees and complexities.

FundKeeper is not an after-the-fact aggregator meaning any activity undertaken using PAPort is immediately reflected and considers 100 + system validations and compliance checks to ensure suitability and accuracy of information. The activity is immediately available to the firm, rep and
client. The PAPort portal provides:

Inquiry Access – Representatives and clients can see account holdings, transaction history, statements and cost basis information along with fund information such as NAVs and dividends.

Online Transactions – Clients can open new accounts and perform online purchase, redemption and exchange transactions based upon shares, dollars or percentage of assets.

Secure Online Account Access – PAPort provides secure 24/7 access.

Multiple Account Access – Firms and clients can access all related accounts using a single convenient login.

Account Maintenance and Activity Reporting – Firms and clients can update account registration information, transaction history and current share positions online.

Automated Suitability – Account suitability and market timing testing is automatically performed. Exception findings are immediately reported to the firm for review.

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