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  • Serve clients with front office solutions providing a scalable hi-touch client experience.
  • Run the practice with back office solutions to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Grow business by building assets and value with marketing and business development solutions to drive growth and maximize profitability.
  • Build a legacy by planning for the future of your firm and your clients — on your terms — through on -demand succession planning. With almost $8B in total assets, we provide tools, resources and services to Alliance Partners serving HNW and UHNW clients with average advisory assets of more than $200M per practice.

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The Carson Group Advisor Growth Offering

With the industry evolving at such a rapid pace, most advisors find themselves in a tough position to both offer extraordinary service to their clients while also ensuring their business remains competitive and continues to grow. Ron Carson has seen the strain these factors – and many others like fee compression, an aging population, emerging technology, and the market environment – have on an advisor’s ability to grow, and he brought together a never-before-seen advisor offering. This offering combines the guidance, proven approach, and personalized accountability of Peak’s nationally recognized coaching program with Carson Institutional Alliance’s integrated partnership, which offers advisors marketing, compliance, technology, investment management, and operations while giving the ability to keep advisor brand equity.

Advisors have the option to receive the full scope of services available to them where the Carson Group team actually implements the strategy for them, or simply engage as a member of Peak’s programs, which offer a plan and accountability to get advisors organized so they can deliver results and grow their business on their own.

The new offering has proven itself time and again in accomplishing the primary goal of advisor growth: advisors who associate as Partners grow anywhere from 3X-8X the industry average; advisor’s in Peak’s programs have grown more than 2.5X the industry average; and more than 20%of the nation’s top 100 practices can trace their roots to Carson’s programs overall.

The new offering was born out of the insurgent agenda Ron Carson has for being the most trusted in financial advice – and is a transformative step forward in simplifying the complex for advisors – and their clients.[/vc_cta][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Succession/Ownership Transition Services – Non-Custodian/Broker/Dealer” tab_id=”1505331829087-000a1f81-3ba3″][vc_cta h2=””]

Carson Institutional Alliance Succession Solution

Our industry has changed dramatically. Independent advisors find it challenging to remain competitive with much larger firms vying for their clients. With less than 7% of advisors having a documented and executable succession plan, Carson Institutional Alliance has made it a priority to serve as an advocate and share with advisors the importance of developing a thorough, documented, and executed succession plan. For advisors who do not have a successor/family member to inherit their business, it can be challenging to identify a route for succession planning. Our solution is unique – we allow advisors to partner with us before signing an agreement. It’s important to identify advisors who share the same vision/goals so we can collectively create a network of partners who fit our culture. By ensuring the lives of clients are uninterrupted, we are making strides toward positively influencing the financial services industry.

With this succession plan, advisors feel confident about not only their business valuation, but value proposition. Our alliance gives partners the opportunity to develop relationships with CPAs, attorneys and centers of influence. Having Carson Institutional Alliance as a partner allows firms to cement existing client relationships and pursue high-net worth and institutional asset management opportunities.

Our process provides:

Succession plan timeline with defined terms/surety

Equity and autonomy until point of monetization

Consistent, continuous client service now and in future

Path and back-office resources supporting exponential firm growth

Partner with a proven track record of success; inducted into Barron’s Inaugural Hall of Fame

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