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CAIS is the leading open-architecture financial product platform offering independent wealth management professionals access to a diversified menu of funds and products. CAIS provides streamlined execution for an expanding list of alternative investment funds, IPOs and follow-ons, structured notes and real assets. CAIS complements its fund of ferings with reduced investment minimums, automated subscription documents, custodial integration and independent due diligence provided by Mercer. The platform further levels the playing field for independent advisors with a suite of portfolio construction and reporting tools, in addition to an array of exclusive educational content and events.


Superior Advisor Experience: Expansion of Product Choice and Reach

CAIS continues to seek to level the playing field for the independent wealth management community by offering improved access to a growing menu of in -demand hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds and bank-sponsored capital markets opportunities. As of 1Q2017, CAIS has facilitated more than $4.0 billion in transactions across these product lines.

CAIS has demonstrated its commitment to alternative investments and the independent wealth management community in the following ways:

– Increased Product Choice: CAIS expanded its selection of private equity and hedge fund products by more than 20%.

– Enhanced customer experience: CAIS enhanced its platform navigation and content to introduce advisors to the nuances of alternative investments via a guided tour to introduce them to relevant research from Mercer and other partners as well as the distinctions among asset classes.

– Serving Advisors Where They Live: Recognizing that advisors must increasingly work across multiple wealth management platforms to accomplish their goals, CAIS has focused on facilitating platform integrations that make it possible for advisors to access CAIS ’ s products and research from their platform of choice rather than requiring the advisor to come to CAIS ’ s platform. CAIS has established single sign- on capabilities with the Orion, Envestnet and Tamarac platforms to allow seamless access across platforms. CAIS can now also publish content, product and research updates directly to members within the existing user experience of the Orion and Envestnet platforms. CAIS has integrated directly with the enterprise portals of several respected wealth management firms and members of the CAIS platform can now subscribe to receive CAIS content updates directly in their browsers regardless of the platform they happen to be using.

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