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New Constructs leverages the latest in machine learning to analyze structured and unstructured financial data with unrivaled speed and accuracy. The firm ’ s forensic accounting experts work alongside engineers to develop proprietary NLP libraries and financial models based on the best fundamental data, research and investment ratings in the business for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Clients include many of the top hedge funds, mutual funds and wealth management firms. Partnerships with Thomson Reuters, Scottrade, Interactive Bro kers and Ernst & Young provide leveraged distribution into multiple markets. David Traine r, the firm ’ s CEO, is regularly featured in Barron ’ s,, The Wall Street Journal and on CNBC as a thought leader on earnings quality, valuation and investment strategy.


Robo Analyst

Our Robo Analyst make value investing at scale possible. Who has time to analyze 200+ page annual reports with their complex disclosures? Humans need ma chine help, i.e. a “Robo Analyst”, to perform proper due diligence and fulfill fiduciary duties across the financial services industry.

Our Robo Analyst technology combines machine learning and natual language processing to do investment research & due diligence that closes the gap between the suitability and fiduciary standards with unrivaled scale and efficiency.

Our Robo Analyst has been trained by 120,000+ expert-parsed filings to find, analyze and model structured and unstructured data in private or public company financial filings in seconds.

This technology is a proven application of machine learning that leverages a rich history of human parsing intelligence to automatically parse filings better than humans. Our statistical comparison engine interprets text based on the company’s prior disclosures & the disclosures in peer companies.

Our Robo-Analyst understands similarity and isn ‘t fooled by changes in disclosures. Our Robo Analyst never gets tired of identifying and analyzing every data point from the Management Discussion & Analysis, financial statements, and footnotes.

Our Robo Analysts makes it affordable to perform proper dude diligence when making investment decisions or recommendations. In the past, analysts, advisors and corporate board members did not have time to analyses the disclosures provides by companies. Now, they have Robo Analyst technology to support fulfillment of their fiduciary duties.

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